By supporting Future Living you will be making a valuable impact on the lives of people with developmental disability to help them maintain their voice and live a safe, supported and full life.

As of 31 December 2021, there were over 26,000 people with a developmental disability living in WA.  Of this total, 9608 are adults over the age of 18.

Parents who have a child with developmental disability face a worrying reality that their child will outlive them and be alone in the world.

Creating a secure and independent future for people with developmental disability is at the heart of Future Living. Yet most Western Australians in need miss out on this life changing outcome. 

Our mission is to enable a secure and supported future for ALL people living with disability.  But we can’t do it alone.  We need your help to deliver this critical work to those at risk.

Look out for Corbett at a shopping centre near you..

Corbett’s Story

Corbett the Bear is named after father and son, John and Keith Corbett. John, a WWII veteran, was an early supporter of people with disability in WA, promoting ideals such as special schooling, independent living, and community participation.

He was known for getting things done long before much of what we now take for granted was in place. His son Keith, a man with Down Syndrome, was often found by his side.

John worried about who would be there to ensure Keith was protected when he was no longer around. He found the answer in Future Living and the services we provide in helping parents plan and secure the long-term future for their child with a developmental disability.

Keith and John are no longer with us, but their legacy lives on in the work that Future Living does every day.


Before we knew about Future Living we were anxious about Shelly’s future. We are very grateful and relieved to find such a wonderful organisation that really will provide for her when we can’t.

Leanne, Shelley’s mum, Future Living client

I can’t thank you enough for your guidance so far. I must confess you have well and truly turned this (NDIS) sceptic around.

Des H - Support Coordination client

My husband and I have donated to Future Living since 2012. We want to ensure the organisation continues to create a secure future for people with intellectual disability, recognising their individuality and striving to meet their needs.

The Walker Family

The Safe & Secure program combines practical guidance and expert information in one place that helps families navigate complex issues.

Jennifer Dixon, Practice Leader, Moores Legal, Victoria

I really love working with Future Living. It is great to work with such a dedicated team who genuinely care about their clients. Even though my work does not put me in direct contact with clients, the team always makes me feel like the work I do is helping them to provide a better level of much-needed support in the disability community. It is very rewarding for me.

Maureen Murray, Pro-bono supporter, Go Bizzy

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