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Personal Support Services

‘I am really concerned about ensuring there is someone I can trust who will visit my son or daughter and look out for their welfare and happiness when I’m no longer able to do that myself’

A Future living Trust Personal Support Service ensures a person with a developmental disability has a dedicated visitor for the duration of their lives after their parents have passed away or are no longer able to look out for them.

The service goes beyond simply financial and practical needs ensuring the personal and social needs of a person with a developmental disability are also met.  It works to maintain an individual’s overall quality of life.

Importantly this service also gives people with a developmental disability a voice.  The voice of an advocate who can speak out on their behalf when things are not right – just as a parent would do.

When a person has only paid carers supporting them, an independent visitor can make all the difference.

All visitors are carefully selected and trained volunteers many of whom have direct experience with disabilities in their own family.  They often form a close connection to the person they visit enjoying their company and sharing their interests either at home or out in the community.

Parents can set up a Personal Support Service in advance.  Much like an insurance policy it is then ready to commence when it is needed.

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