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Managed Trust Funds

‘How can I securely invest or leave money for my son or daughter’s future?’

Parents face many challenges leaving money to a son or daughter who has an intellectual disability.  Often parents find that relatively small amounts of money are refused by the large trustee companies and the fees can be high. They also often find that trustee companies, banks and financial advisors rarely have experience or understanding of managing money on behalf of someone who is decision making impaired.

To help parents overcome these challenges, Future Living Trust offer a secure Managed Trust Fund service designed specifically to meet the ongoing needs of your son or daughter.

Parents or other family members can create a Managed Trust Fund at any time or establish one as part of a Will.

All funds are invested in accordance with the WA Trustee Act and earn a good rate of interest against low fees and charges that ensure a Managed Trust Fund is affordable.

Monies held in trust are carefully applied by Future Living for the benefit and welfare of your child.  Funds are typically used for a wide variety of needs such as holidays, purchasing or replacing household or technology items, dental and ancilliary health care, regular activities and even funeral plans.

There is no minimum limit on the amount that can be invested and we encourage parents and other family members to talk to us about how a Managed Trust Fund can best benefit their family member.

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