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Family Stories

A touching story touching lives

John Corbett was a WWII veteran and lifelong supporter of people with developmental disabilities. Despite losing his wife at an early age, John cared for their son Keith, who has Down syndrome, in the family home until he decided Keith needed his independence.

John fought hard to find Keith government-assisted accommodation and eventually Keith moved in to a supported group home with live-in carers and other men with similar disabilities. Still worried about who would look out for Keith after he passed away, John approached Future Living for advice.

A Personal Support Service (PSS) was arranged and a Managed Trust Fund was established for Keith. Because Keith already had supported accommodation, John decided to bequeath half of his assets to Future Living to support its ongoing work in assisting other people with developmental disabilities.

When John passed away in 2008, a suitable PSS visitor was recruited, trained and introduced to Keith. Throughout Keith’s ups and downs, including a serious illness and a change of residence, Future Living and his PSS visitor have always been there to help and advocate for him.

In 2009, Future Living established the ‘John Corbett Bequest Personal Support Service Grant’ with funds from John’s estate. The grant has since been awarded to Ann, a woman who has lived with severe brain damage since childhood. Ann’s parents, who are now in their late 80s, are extremely grateful to John and to Future Living for helping secure her future.


Supporting when misfortune strikes twice

Barry has a developmental disability.  He lived at home with his aging mother until she passed away, after which his only sister helped him make the transition to living in shared supported accommodation with full-time care.

When his sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer, her first concern was Barry. Who would look out for him and ensure he had everything he needed to continue to live a good life?

As Barry’s disability means that he does not have the capacity to manage money, his sister worked with Future Living to set up a Trust for him funded by her estate. The Trust would help protect Barry’s financial future and provide him with a Personal Support Service (PSS) to look out for his welfare.

Barry’s Managed Trust Fund now ensures he gets two camp holidays a year, which he thoroughly enjoys. It also funds ongoing dental care and recently bought him a new TV for his bedroom.

After Barry retired from his work placement with Activ, Future Living arranged for him to attend a day activity centre once a week funded by his Trust Fund. Here, he’s able to indulge in his favourite hobbies – painting and woodwork.  


A legacy that lives on

When David’s parents passed away, they left a house in High Wycombe to Future Living to secure his future of independent living. The Trust arranged for David to share the house with two other suitable men with developmental disabilities, who each paid a small rent for Future Living to manage the ongoing upkeep.

With funding from the Government, carers came in to cook, clean and support the three housemates. And, because of his parent’s property gift, David also received assistance from the Personal Support Service (PSS) through Future Living. His PSS visitor kept a close eye on David’s wellbeing.

The three housemates were happy and content in their own home and local community, enjoying their independence and new friendships.

Sadly, after a few years, David passed away. By this time, the two other men required a higher level of full-time care and moved to a supported facility nearby.

Selling the house that had been left to the Trust by David’s parents, Future Living re-invested the funds in a purpose-built house in Hilton in collaboration with another family and the Department of Housing.

David’s parents’ legacy lives on, as two ladies, both with a developmental disability, now live in the purpose-built house and are experiencing the same opportunities David enjoyed, living independently in their own home and community.