Securing the future for people with developmental disability

Phone: +61 8 9387 0575


Address: 327 Cambridge Street, WEMBLEY WA 6014

Our Mission

Our Mission:

To enable families of people with developmental disability to plan and implement services that enhance their quality of life and provide a long-term secure future.


Our Guiding Principle:       

The best interest of the individual is our primary concern.  We strive to support this principle in all our decision-making and daily operations.


Our Aims Are:

  • To answer the question ‘Who will look out for my child when I am no longer here?’
  • For people with disability to have the quality of lifestyle they and their families plan and desire
  • For parents of people with a disability to realise the importance of future planning for their son or daughter
  • For parents to have peace of mind in relation to the future welfare of their children


We Believe:

  • Every individual and family is different – with different goals and aspirations as to how they wish to live their
  • Everyone should live in a place they call ‘home’
  • Everyone is entitled to live as independent a life as possible
  • Our clients and their families have a right to confidentiality and privacy


The People We Support:

  • Deserve our respect
  • Are entitled to participate inclusively in the community
  • Contribute as fully as possible in making decisions about themselves
  • Have aspirations and wishes (expressed directly or indirectly through emotions and behaviours) that are respected
  • Must be protected from discrimination and abuse


It Is Our Role To:

  • Advocate on behalf of people we support, and all people with developmental disability, to promote their individual rights and welfare
  • Consult regularly with families, service providers, and the people we support, in order to best understand and take account of their individual needs
  • Support people in maintaining lasting and meaningful relationships with others
  • Uphold and protect the legal and human rights, free from abuse and exploitation, of everyone we support
  • Maintain the organisation’s long-term sustainability for the benefit of our clients