Securing the future for people with developmental disability

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Address: 327 Cambridge Street, WEMBLEY WA 6014


Here in Western Australia, over 50% of all children and adults with a developmental disability live at home with their parents.  Many of these parents have been providing hands-on care for more than 30 years.  What will happen when these parents are no longer able to care for their son or daughter’s needs?

Future Living Trust was developed under the auspices of Activ in the 1980s and incorporated separately in 1989 as The Hawkevale Trust, a not for profit charitable organisation.

The Trust was established in response to the increasingly familiar question raised by parents “Who will look out for our child when we are no longer able to?”

Founding Chairman, Mr Les Walter, a man well recognized for his pioneering work within the disability sector at a time when people with disability were being moved out of institutions and into the community, set out to answer this question through the services provided by the Hawkevale Trust.

In 2011 the Trust was renamed Future Living Trust.

Future Living Trust’s purpose is to provide peace of mind for parents and families of people with disability through the creation of a practical and secure plan, and then assist in delivering that plan through a range of unique services aimed at providing the best possible quality of life for each individual when required.

We understand every family and every individual is different.  We listen to, and work with families in developing a plan that will support their individual needs and circumstances.

The Trust is not Government funded. Financial support is obtained through grants, donations and bequests to help administer, co-ordinate and deliver services.